Guide to Onam 2024: Celebrate the Harvest

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Onam 2024 Date, Onam Songs Lyrics

Onam 2024 Date, Onam Songs Lyrics

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A festival of harvest, Onam is a colorful ten-day festivity with cultural values, foodstuffs, and indulgence in celebrations. The main celebration is usually conducted on Thiruvonam day which falls on September 15th this year between September 5th and 17th.

The Ten Days of Onam

Each of the ten days before Thiruvonam has its own star and has various customs associated with them as follows:

  • Athachamayam (September 5th): It’s marked by a big procession at Vamanamoorthy Thirrikkara Temple in Kochi known as Athachamayam.
  • Pookalam (September 6th): It begins with Pookalam flower competition which beautifies houses and courtyards with different types of flowers.
  • Chodi (September 7th), Vishakam (September 8), Anizham (September 9), Thriketa (September10) and Moolam(September 11): During these days, more flowers are added to the Pookalam, preparation for the final culmination takes place.
  • Pooradam (September 12): The cultural shows’ popularity rises.
  • Uthrada (September13): This is usually referred to as the first Onam as it symbolizes the return of King Mahabali.
  • Thiruvonum(September15): This is the climax! A wide variety of more than Twenty five dishes are served at once on a banana leaf in fabulous feasts called Onasadhya. Kathakali traditional dance and boat races are other important attractions.
  • Avittam (September 16th): Celebrations continue with visits to family and friends.
  • Chatayam (September 17th): Onam concludes with a final day of festivities.

Planning Your Onam Experience

If you are lucky enough to be in Kerala during Onam, soak in the atmosphere. Here are some tips:

Witness the Pookalam: Look at the beautiful flower carpets or even participate in a contest.
Savor the Onasadhya: Enjoy an elaborate vegetarian feast that is a testament to the culinary heritage of Kerala.
Experience the Culture: Watch Kathakali performances, see snake boat races or go to a local temple for traditional rituals.
Dress in Kerala Attire: A traditional mundu (dhoti) for men and set saree for women will give them a feel of being part of it all.

The festival of Onam is characterized by its colorful display and delicious food. Besides, it also has the melodious tunes of Onam songs. From these songs one can appreciate the meaning of harvest and homecoming by King Mahabali that boast happiness and celebration moods associated with the same occasion. It adds to the beauty of the celebrations through inclusion of music, ranging from miserable folk songs about banishment of Mahabali to joyful ballads about good produce during Onam festivities. Listen to some traditional Onam songs and immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kerala

Onam is a celebration of life, harvest and culture. So if you’re going to be there this September come; join the fun and get enchanted by Kerala!

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