Your Ultimate Guide to Onam Songs and Lyrics: Explore the Rich Musical Heritage of Kerala’s Harvest Festival

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Onam Songs Lyrics

Onam Songs Lyrics in Malayalam

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The Onam Festival [wiki] is the most well-known holiday observed in Kerala, India. Kerala’s ten-day harvest festival, also known as the festival of rain flowers, is a festive occasion that is enthusiastically observed there. It is observed during Chingam, a Malayalam calendar month that typically begins in the middle of August and ends in the middle of September.

King Mahabali, who travels to “Kerala” at Onam, is honored during the festival of Onam. When Onam is observed, Kerala presents visitors with a completely different world of exotic flavors, luxurious aromas, and entrancing displays of beauty. Your spirit and body dance to the energetic rhythms of music during the celebrations and festivities during festivals.

Onam Songs and Lyrics
Onam Songs and Lyrics

Onam, the popular harvest festival of Kerala, is a time of joyous celebration and cultural festivities. One of the most significant aspects of Onam is its music, with a rich tradition of folk songs and classical compositions that evoke the spirit of the season.

To help you fully appreciate the beauty and diversity of Onam music, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of Onam songs and lyrics. Our list features a wide range of tracks from various eras and genres, from timeless classics to contemporary hits.

With links to each song’s lyrics page, our list offers a complete listening and singing experience, perfect for enhancing your Onam celebrations. Whether you’re looking to dance to the upbeat rhythms of the Chenda Melam or immerse yourself in the soulful melodies of the Thiruvathira Kali, our list has something for every taste and mood.

So, whether you’re a lifelong fan of Onam music or simply looking to explore this rich cultural heritage, our list is the ultimate resource for all your Onam music needs. Click here to access our full list of Onam songs and lyrics and get ready to celebrate in style.

There are a number of Malayalam songs that are perfect for Onam. A handful of Onam songs have been listed below.

Onam Songs in Malayalam with Lyrics

NoOnam SongsFilm
1Maveli naadu vaaneedum kaalamNewspaper Boy
2Maveli NaattileAvar Unarunnoo
3Onathumbi OnathumbiMudiyanaaya Puthran
4Onathumpee vannaatteAlthaara
5Atham PathinuPinchuhridayam
6Maveli Vaanoru KaalamKuttavaali
7Poove PolipooveChembarathi
8PoovanipponnumChingam Panchavadi
9Onnaam PonnonaPaavangal Pennungal
10Ponnin ChingaShaasthram Jayichu Manushyan Thottu
11Maveli Naduvaneedum KalamMaadhavikkutty
13Onam VanneVelluvili
14OnappooveEe Ganam Marakkumo
15Onavillin ThaalavumAngaadi
16Kaalam ThelinjuIdi muzhakkam
17Maveli mannanteChunakkuttikal
18OnappoomkaattilSraavana Sandhya
19Maveli ThampuraanAshtabandham
20Onamaasa PoonilaavumAham Brahmaasmi
21Onam Vannu MalanaattilOru Panchathanthram Kadha
22Onappaattin Thaalam ThullumQuotation
23Onam VannalloSong from an albam
24Poovili Poovili Ponnanamayi Vishukkani
25Uthrada Poonilave VaaOnam Songs
26Kuttanadan PunjayileKavalam Chundan
27ThiruvaavaniraavuJacobinte Swargarajyam
Onam Songs in Malayalam and the lyrics

In conclusion, Onam is a time of vibrant colors, sumptuous feasts, and soulful music. With our comprehensive list of Onam songs and lyrics, we hope to enhance your Onam celebrations and help you connect with the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. From joyous folk songs to haunting classical compositions, Onam music has something to offer everyone. So, whether you’re a fan of foot-tapping beats or lyrical melodies, explore our list of Onam songs and lyrics and discover the magic of this enchanting festival. Happy Onam!

Looking for more beautiful Onam songs to add to your playlist? We’ve got you covered! Here is a handpicked list of some of the most popular and melodious Onam songs, along with their lyrics, that are sure to transport you to the colorful world of Kerala’s harvest festival. CLICK HERE for the additional list of Onam songs. So, go ahead and explore our additional list of Onam songs and lyrics to make your Onam celebrations even more memorable and musical.

English Summary: This page contains the list of Onam songs and its lyrics in Malayalam. Updated Onam songs list with lyrics in 2023

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